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Adalo Services
Разработка и создание приложений
Разработка и создание приложений
Помощь по UX и UI
Помощь по UX и UI
Коучинг 1 на 1
Коучинг 1 на 1
Обычно $100 - $150 в час
Accepting New Projects
Not Currently Available
Брисбен, Австралия
Zapier, Make, Stripe, IAPHUB, WordPress, Figma
Branding, Web Design, Digital Marketing, Copywriting
Startup,Small Business, Enterprise, Nonprofit/Government/Community/Religious Organizations
A Little Bit About Me
A Little Bit About Us
I've worked on a variety of different projects! Functions such as booking, courses, meditation/audio, admin dashboards, achievement and tracking, marketplace, geolocation, subscriptions, chats, email integration, calendar and events, in-app purchases and much more! My specialties are in the design field but I know the Adalo database extremely well and I have done many app builds from the design phase all the way to the publishing phase. I also offer 1:1 coaching services if you need something done quickly or small projects that you might need help with. I am with you every step of the way with regular email communication and meetings as needed. You can see my own app called 'Coobari' which is a mindfulness app for young people. Which means I have started where you are (by myself) - from design, legals, website builds and the full app build too. Understanding the ins and outs of the process is really important for a smooth journey. For a full app build I usually build in three phase (design - app build - publishing). There are no hidden costs or fees and everything is outlines upfront. These builds are usually done by a project rate with regular updates and meetings. If you'd like to work with me you can book a free 30min Discovery Call to chat about your project and how we can bring your vision to life.
My Website
Our Website
Things We've Built with Adalo
Things I've Built with Adalo
Wellbeing for young people Coobari is a wellbeing app for young people. We have meditations, sleep stories and wellbeing activities to nurture a growing mind. All for young people who are searching for support in their lives.
Xolvit is a problem solving app for young people to solve real world problems faced by socially responsible organizations.
Elemental Healing
Holistic wellbeing in your hands. A tarot, oracle card and kinesiology app.
A wellbeing app for young people. Try our mediations, wellbeing activities, comics and seasonal holiday programs. https://apps.apple.com/au/app/coobari/id1562246487

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