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Upcoming Adalo + Xano Webinar!
Join Xano and Adalo’s education teams to learn how these two amazing platforms work together. This webinar will feature both CEOs discussing this partnership & the future of no-code!
Feb 14th at 11:00am Eastern (ET)
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About Xano

Xano is a scalable and powerful no-code backend for your apps. What is a backend? It’s the overarching term for storing data and performing actions that your app users never see or interact with. Xano can store and signup users, perform actions on a schedule, make API calls, perform code functions, and so much more. It also allows databases to be scaled based on need, location, and compliance.

How Can I Use Xano with Adalo?

Adalo and Xano teamed up to provide a super easy way to integrate your Xano database with your Adalo apps. Instead of using Adalo’s built-in database, you can use Xano’s database to store your apps’ data and users, perform actions, log-in users, call APIs and so much more. With Xano you can:

  • Periodically update records in a collection
  • Sign-up and log-in users to your app
  • Save on action usage by stacking API calls into a single response
  • Send scheduled or recurring notifications
  • Perform complex math or transform text directly in the database
  • Create, update, or delete records in bulk.
  • Much more! The sky is truly the limit!

Adalo ❤️s Xano Webinar 

Adalo and Xano teamed up to bring you the most powerful Adalo integration yet! Now you can house users and data in Xano instead of Adalo's built-in database. But that's not all!

In this webinar, you'll get a high level overview and demo of what Xano is, how it can benefit your Adalo apps, and how to use it to do some incredible things not previously possible with Adalo alone!

Walkthrough Video

How Do I Use Xano with Adalo?

‍You don’t need to download any components to use Xano. Simply create a Xano account and create a new app using Xano as your database. You’ll still be able to use other external collections, but the Adalo database section will be replaced by all of your Xano database tables (collections). Anytime you make a change in Xano, just re-sync the data tables and you’re done!

You can use Logged in User Data and Magic Text in your apps just like you would with an Adalo database, except you’ll be using query parameters to define what you want to return, particularly for lists. While Xano does require a bit more technical know-how, you’re also able to build more complex apps while keeping your data storage options open.

You can check out the Adalo guide for integrating with Xano here:

While Adalo’s guide get you connected to Xano and learning the basics, the Xano documentation is slap full of helpful information and videos to get you building on their side of the integration:

You can also check out the Xano course on the Adalo App Academy!

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Can I switch an existing app database over to Xano?

While you can't switch it over in the Adalo interface, you could certainly export your existing data as a CSV and import into your new Xano database. If you need help with moving your app backend over to Xano, why not hire an Adalo Expert to help?

How much does it cost to use Xano?

To use the Xano integration, you will need to have at least the Adalo Team Plan. Xano allows you to get started for free, but offer paid plans as well for certain, more powerful feature sets.

When should I use Xano as my app's backend?

If you're new to Adalo or to app development you should definitely start with Adalo's built-in database first and then graduate to using Xano once you're more comfortable building databases. If you're an experienced builder or already know Adalo, Xano provides a dedicated database just for your app along with many more advanced, technical features like code functions, cron jobs, and custom API endpoints.

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