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Doggy Door

Get a better visual of how often your pets "goes" with Doggy Door.

After adopting two furbabies, we realized we asked each other multiple times a day, "Did they go?". That's when we made Doggy Door. An easy pet tracker to help visualize how often, and when, our pets did their "business". We designed Doggy Door to help keep everyone who cares for your pet on the same page with a "Today" counter, and an entire list of entries. We also added a "Bulletin Board" that will feature helpful tips for new and experienced owners. Our hope for Doggy Door is that it will be used by pet owners to easily keep track of their pets activity to better train them. #didtheygo

Finding the right tool to bring an idea to life can be challenging. Within 4 days, I was able to launch an app on the iOS App Store by using Adalo. Adalo has been by far the best to bring a concept to a finished product without any friction. Adalo's tools and resources are extensive and can create a solid piece of software for just about any need. We are excited to begin offering App Development as a service, and look forward to what Adalo offers in the future.

Matt Sanchez
​Owner / Creative Director of Ape Forge
GIG UP is a Safe Way for Fans and Music Artists to Connect and Interact Live
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