By David Adkin | Co-founder of Adalo
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When will global leaders (i.e. presidents, politicians) start talking about no code?

My best guess is three years because I think we're going to have a whole lot of conversations national and global around retooling and switching more things to digital than classically were based on physical commerce and things like that. And it's just natural.

That's interesting, because Obama was all about learn to code. I bet we will see something in the next four years if we haven't already.

Yeah, I think that in about two years, we'll start to see a lot more of them using the technology. So the reason I think that is because I have a lot of the students in my program, white label their apps, and I have a few that work in this space, that white label their apps to politicians organization.

So I say a few years and I think it'll show up like they're using it as a way to keep their own costs low and produce products.

Probably follow the schools and colleges. So maybe two years. I like that.

I believe it's going to happen within the next decade, you're going to see entrepreneurs push the boundaries of what governments can control. You're going to see these platforms specifically no-code products enable a different type of entrepreneurship, enable entrepreneurs to scale much quickly, much more quickly than before.

And once, from like a socio-economic perspective, it begins to affect like, cross border trade, and selling goods across borders and governments aren't able to control those transactions, I believe that's when you're going to see global leaders begin to adopt them. start to talk about no-code, because it's going to impact how governments make money.

I do know that an app that was built with our platform, Adalo, is already in talks with one of the government agencies in Europe. I know that there have been a couple others that have been in final stages of an RFP processes and those kind of things. I don't know that they necessarily knew that they were no-code, and that's okay. But I think no-code will be very important in terms of just job growth, like I mentioned before, and I think that will be what gets talked about most.

I think it'll depend on what type of leader we have. I think there will be newer elected officials that will build apps as a way to grow their footprint. And certainly their teams will be using these platforms very quickly to build and iterate faster.

I would say probably more openly, maybe like, a year, two years.

In the next two to three years again, that kind of timeframe.

[Lacey] I'm gonna say five to seven. Unless... all it takes though is one thing shifting it. Just one big product coming out that you know?

[Ben]  In the next year.

[Matt] Let's say five years.

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